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Local community groups, residents, and businesses in Dromana shared their aims and challenges during a series of Dromana Association Public Forums 2023. 


In Nov 2023, Tomi Winfree, AnthroEnviro & Impact Hub Candidate Melbourne, collaborated with the Dromana Association Forum Working Group to facilitate a Community Co-Design Forum. Over 35 participants engaged in small group activities to identify what they liked and didn’t like about Dromana as it currently is, identify creative opportunities to resolve issues, and reflect on past community-based achievements, future potential, and resourcing needs. 


The participants expressed their desire for fewer cars, more sustainable transportation options, and multi-use facilities like a community and business hub. The participants strongly emphasised regenerating nature through bio-links. This visionary approach aims to safely connect people walking and riding bikes, nature, and animals between Dromana’s nature-based recreation and the township precincts. The participants highlighted opportunities for redesigning how the two precincts are used and better linked by: 

  • Reduce parking and traffic issues, 
  • Leadership through the integration of responsible and sustainable trading by local businesses and 
  • Tourists investing in the local area by creating regenerative relationships with the natural environment. 




Dromana holds the potential to be a thriving place, but it calls for a united effort. It requires collaboration between community members, tourists, businesses, and local, state, and federal governments. With support from the Dromana Association, the community can develop a thriving economy harmonious with nature and locals by creating a prosperous, sustainable Dromana.

Thanks to:

Dromana Association Forum Working Group

Tomi Winfree, AnthroEnviro Coaching, Mentoring, Consulting & Stakeholder Engagement
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Dromana Interpretative Artwork


The key takeaways, a testament to the productive discussions, were captured in a ‘Social Mural’ by local artist Trent Downie, TD Illustrations, and his daughter Alyssa, a junior Archibald finalist. This landmark mural, a symbol of our community’s collaboration and vision, will be installed in the Ritchies shopping centre over the summer of 2024. It has the potential to spark conversations about how to regenerate Dromana toward a sustainable future that promises prosperity for residents, tourists and businesses. 

Dromana Association Community Forum Nov 2023

Dromana Community Group Networking Forum

May 11th 2023

Event description

There was a GREAT turnout at the ‘Community Group Networking Event last night. 26 local community groups shared what they were doing, their plans and how the community could collaborate for better outcomes.
Councillors Antonella Celi and Debra Mar were there to hear what their community groups are doing for the local area.
Dromana Community Group Networking Event Big Themes May 2023


We are now workshopping and developing the feedback from the community group networking event.

More detailed conversations and co-design of potential collaborative action will be taking place over the next 6 weeks.

If you have ideas and thoughts to add to the conversation please drop us an email at

Have a browse of the community group presentations


1.     Climate Action; What are your plans to support national and local decarbonisation?

2.     Local Economic Development: How would you drive an innovative, sustainable and broadened economic base on the Peninsula that will thrive beyond just the visitor and services economy?

3.     Housing Crisis: How will you deliver and enable affordable housing options including policy development, actively supporting innovative housing and associated financial models, and insisting the other two levels of government do likewise?

4.     Inclusion and equity: How would you ensure true deliberative engagement with the community?  How will you bring services and infrastructure that match the metropolitan status of this municipality?

5.     Township wellbeing: What actions will you take to achieve a resilient and cohesive community in this township and across the Peninsula? What is your understanding of strategic planning and how this builds the basis for a connected and contented community?


Surbhi Snowball – Labor

Despi O’Connor – Independent

Sarah Russell – Independent

Colin Lane – Green Party




Join us for a recording of our first ‘Dromana Conversation Event’ with some inspirational guest speakers.

Dromana could be the hub of the Mornington Peninsula, however, the current lack of a ‘Master Plan’ leaves its future at the mercy of unconnected decisions.

Imagine being able to keep the township character people already love but with some progressive thinking, add some year-round sparkle to the area.

We believe it is time to explore the possibilities of enhancing the area with better transport, a new destination pier and local recreational facilities for people of all ages.

Each panellist will present examples of how visioning and design thinking can bring about opportunities that foster amazing community outcomes.


Jo O’Byrne, 20-minute neighbourhoods/places and precincts DELWP

Karen Taylor; Destination Visioneer

Lisa Shreeve; Busselton Jetty CEO

Simon Brooks; Dromana Association President

Cr. Anthony Marsh; Small Business Champion